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while you were away

while you were away (2016)


‘while you were away’ is an interdisciplinary piece intersecting film and performance. The film immerses the performers as an uncanny mirror of the collapsing bodies, at times reflecting those on stage and at times revealing what they are not and what they could be; what is not there and what could be there. Images of absence create distance between the performers, making visible the poetics of loneliness.

Directed and designed by Lucy Kerr
Choreographed by Lucy Kerr in collaboration with the dancers
Danced by Arantxa Araujo, Kristen DeLillo, Mckenzie Chen, Kenny Frechette, Mario Galeano, Elyse Desmond, and Hillary Richerson
Music by Paul Sara
Cinematography by Carmen Hilbert
Edited by Paul Sara and Ryan Shuler    

‘while you were away’ at CAVE home of LEIMAY 

while you were here/unraveling was presented at The Center for Performance Research as part of Spring Movement 2017.


Choreography by Lucy Kerr in collaboration with the performers
Performed by Zach Khoo, Elyse Desmond Arantxa Araujo, Kenny Frechette, Kristen DeLIllo, Ann-Mario Gover, Lir Katz, Rina Espiritu, Jiemin Yang, Mecca Allah, Stacy Collado, Mario Galeano, Mckenzie Chen, and Elizabeth Cowperthwaite
understudies and rehearsal assistants: Mackenzie Taylor and Molly Gorin
lighting design by Mike Faba

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