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Cabeza(s) de Mujer(es)

This artwork is based on the Latin American epidemic of femicides, the killing of women often by their partners.This growing problem in Mexico is ignored due to a heteropatriarchal system (“machismo”), where politicians/men often blame the victim - “she was wearing a short skirt”, “ “she was out late”, etc. It is a dangerous problem that we live with as women, feeling like every time we walk down the street could be our last, that are voices are not audible or credible. It is a project about re-imagining who we are, what we want and how we might live. It is about focusing women’s voices and rights.


There are a total of ten sculptures. Today, ten women are killed everyday.


These dismembered heads and body parts of women emit/project light. They represent my belief that women are sources of light in our communities, but are also disembodied/fragmental so the viewer can complete the image. Each sculpture represents one, and in that universal one  represents us all. The public can recognize some features and complete these forms, perhaps with some woman they know, becoming an active participant of meaning-making. Some of the features resemble muscle tissue, or injuries and even ghost-like properties to portray the violence they face.


Each one can be viewed from various perspectives, and the way they behave and respond to light is immensely different. This aspect speaks to the idea of viewing on the different light to understand different perspectives, different stories.



Cabeza(s) de Mujer(es)


10 sculptures

Dichroic film, resin, glue, fish line.

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