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12: Blood and Soil

Title: Blood and Soil: The Art of Survival


“Blood and Soil-The Art of Survival” will focus on 12 repetitive domestic by 12 performers, tasks that women perform daily in an installation and movement based ritual performance. As part of the performance space we will be creating a shrine for the relics of women we cast in blood and soil. In these actions we bring light to gender equality issues and remember those that have been lost due to gendered violence.  We perform these tasks as Freedoms. Freedom of choice, freedom of expression, freedom of the social constructs.


Created by: Arantxa Araujo & Monique Blom


Choreography by: Arantxa Araujo 


Costumes by: Arantxa Araujo & Monique Blom


Performers: Arantxa Araujo, Monique Blom, Courtney Colon, Sarah Daniels, Juliana Garber, Meghan Herzfeld, Aston Hollins McClanahan, Sarah McEneaney, Katherine McGhee, Alexandra Montalbano, Vanessa Vargas,  Laura Weiss.


Music by: Carina Lopez


Photo by: Andrea Basteris


The Do-mystics

The Do-Mystics is a feminist collective created by Arantxa Araujo and Monique Blom based  in NYC, Mexico City and Saskatoon. Their work incorporates the use of new media, performance and socially engaged art. The collective explores themes through ritual processes of identity, gender, immigration and domesticity.  The work has been shown in the United States, Canada and Mexico in both galleries and site specific locations such as Beautiful Rising launch, Saskatoon (2018), Nuit Blanche YXE (2017), Glasshouse Gallery, Brooklyn (2017), Art in Odd Places NY (2017), Art in Odd Places Orlando (2016).

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