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140 Mujeres, 14  Días

The durational performance meditates on the passage of time as it affects women in Mexico. Recent statistics show that every day 10 women are killed. The performance looks at the duration of the exhibition (2 weeks) as a frame to look at the number of femicides that occur in this lapse. In 14 days, 140 women are killed. The performer will practice being present through 2 hours. She starts with a fully live body projecting light with 140 LEDs, by the end the body is left in the ground and all LEDs have turned red.


The LED lights turn red each time a femicide occurs, and visually represent the epidemic in real time. The complex LED circuit will be interactive and include moments where the whole structure turns off for a whole minute of visual and auditory silence in remembrance of these victims. After a minute passes, it will turn back on. Except after that minute, one LED will have turned red. Over time, passersby can reflect on the change.

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