February 2021  

28 Meditations / 1 Month

Lux is a project by Arantxa Araujo in Collaboration with Vicious Ocultos and Gabriel Chakraji.

Hosted daily at The Interior Beauty Salon.

With a new year comes the opportunity to revisit our past, acknowledge our present and create clear intentions for our future. My objective for Lux is to become a tool to heal and find a sense of homeostasis or balance for myself and whoever wants to partake of this journey. The idea is that the project is alive and responds to its inhabitants. My collaborators and myself will be exploring Lux with an open mind and a sense of deep listening/observation. In this conscious presence, we find a peaceful way to move forward.


Performance and Concept by Arantxa Araujo

Video by Arantxa Araujo and Vicious Ocultos

Music by Gabriel Chakraji

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 10.53.08
Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 10.53.34

LUX is a virtual invitation to show up daily for an experimental meditative practice. It merges meditation, scientific research and experiential technologies in an aesthetic expression. The idea is to visit The Interior Beauty Salon every day for the month of February to exercise our awareness.

Individuals are invited to observe and listen, both internally and externally, for one minute attempting to view without judgment or expectation, simply noticing the video, and also our emotions, our thoughts, and our breath.

Could fully immersing ourselves into an audiovisual experience expand our consciousness?

Along with this question there are many that come to mind. Acknowledge what questions come to you. Notice them. You might want to keep a journal for these and any other ideas and reflections.

After watching the videos, I invite you to close your eyes and now keep noticing. You may spend as long as you want, but try to spend at least one-minute doing nothing but noticing. You may watch the videos at any time. In establishing this practice, it is recommended that we watch the videos at similar times (for example, at 9 am).


On February 28, 2021 at 7pm EST, we will all practice for half an hour in community, a live participatory performance. The performance will be livestreamed from the Leslie-Lohman Museum to your homes. We will revisit what we have experienced and noticed. After finishing the performance, we will have a conversation about our shared experiences.


day 1

Allow yourself to observe and listen.


day 2

Notice the noise.

let the chatter go.

find stillness.

day 3

From stillness, the movement is easily perceived.
What causes this movement.

day 4

Notice how you perceive the outside.
Without judgment or expectation.
How is it?

day 5

What is outside may be a reflection.
What are you noticing inwards?
Just notice.

day 6

Show up.

This is practice.
In our hands.
Stir things up and let them settle.

day 7

We are whole.
Vibrations, sounds, colors.
Movement and Stillness.
Notice it all, then stillness again.