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(In)terfertilization: Of Word and Flesh

(In)terfertilization: Of Word and Flesh

Mexico City 2019

Esplanade of Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MUAC)

A durational participatory public performance that took place in the esplanade of the MUAC during the Hemispheric Institute Encuentro in Mexico City 2019. The performance took on the form of a ritual to remember and make visible the missing and murdered women of the area due to a phenomenon known as Femicides. The hundreds of women were represented through unearthed hearts crafted of plaster and embedded with local flora/faunal from which these women disappeared.  In remembrance of these individuals, the objects were placed in the public space and gifted during interactions with the public. The ephemera was given as a reminder of caretaking, equality and respect. 

Panelist - Secret Journey: Stop Calling Them Dangerous. Movement Research. NY, NY.

Created by Yoshiko Shuma

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