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(III) is the third collaborative participatory performance created by Mexican multidisciplinary artist Arantxa Araujo, and dance and performance artist Tyler Ashley. The artists propose to present different sections of (III) over the course of three days transversing the space by an exploration on senses and perception. (III) points at concepts and phenomenons that occur over the course of threes, reflecting on notions of gender, politics, capitalism (and the history that space reveals) and the self. Utilizing the triangle’s sacred geometry, Araujo and Ashley, investigate ideas of creation, preservation and destruction of modes and conceptions that have been on our minds over the past, that dictate our behaviours in the present, and might predict our vast futures of possibility.


(III) presents the perfect invitation for the general public to partake in the experience, becoming a “third” participant next to the artists. The past, present, and future will be explored through the festival’s 16 sensory experiences: vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, sixth sense (extrasensory perception), pressure, itch temperature, pain, thirst, hunger, direction, time, muscle tension, proprioception, and equilibrioception. Placed at The Kitchen scenario, the artists plan to dissect body-like organisms to understand particles that form life and  the sections that hold life together in a quest to understand it all.




past, memory, solitude, self, absolutes, ones, monochromatics, creation.

  • Mary/ Shiva and Jesus/Vishnu like creatures appear in an effort to create something new. A new creature appears.



present, binaries, duos, dualities, black/white, preservation.

  • The new creature struggles for its newly created life. Imbalance. Opposites. Struggle.



future, predictions, imagination, breaking of paradigms/binaries, multidisciplinarity, intersectionality, primary colors, destruction.

  • Death. Separation. A whole new picture of voids and new possibilities. Rebirth.

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