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“Un(Folding) will focus on the idea of presence - the female body being in space - an installation and movement based ritual performance exploring the idea of wholeness. As female performers, we purpose to personify invisibility/visibility, entirety/incompleteness and sufficiency/inadequacy of women in their roles as myth makers and caretakers of the world that surrounds us. 
This durational piece will take place along 14th Str. exploring the survival mechanism of BEING women and the daily task of BEING enough. We will embody existence without letting our daily tasks define who we are as women. In a collaborative performance using repetition and mirroring techniques we will give and receive using our bodies- multiplying/UNFOLDING to uncover the maintenance required in simply BEING. Our daily actions of survival have become the invisible maintenance required in creating a valued quality of life. We seek to make visible the unseen, unnoticed and unperceived. We strive to embody simply BEING as an action of reciprocity. In this action we bring light to gender equality issues and remember those that have been lost due to gendered violence. We perform these tasks as Freedoms. Freedom of choice, freedom of expression, freedom of the social constructs.”

Part of Art in Odd Places Festival - Body (2018)

Curated by Katya Grokhovsky

Performers: Arantxa Araujo and Monique Blom, with Valeria Avina,  Ashley Marie Brown, Courtney Colon, Rina Espiritu, Domenica Garcia, Miss Sugar Mamasota, Aston Hollins McClanahan, Sarah McEneaney, Katie McGhee.

Specials thanks to: George de Castro Day, Andrea Basteris, Wei Chao, Karl Cooney for their photography and videos; The Church of Lady of Guadalupe, and AIOP staff. 

Photos by Wei Chao. 

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