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lūxe , 2017

suspended durational participatory performance

Last Frontier, Brooklyn, NY

For Itinerant Performane Art Festival 2017

Curated by Hector Canonge

Based on "we are light".

Focusing on the duration of the performance as the duration of a life, and exploring concepts including: memory, transformative energy, human deterioration, optics and gravitational forces. Throughout life, the artist explores moments of solitude and introspection and moments deep connections with audience members; moments of pain and others of pleasure; moments of growth and others of stagnancy and death.


Araujo is suspended in the air holding a lit candle, which serves as a metaphor of where we are in space, as well as the common light that we share in our human journey through time.

Created by Arantxa Araujo

Music  by Dan Zlotnik

Photos by Caroline Loor Alarcón

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